5 Ws Class Rules Poster

Class Rules Poster - First Day of School - ESL - Kindergaten

These class rules are great for daily simple and realistic rules. Students can always refer to these rules daily to check on their daily behavior. My students chant these rules in class and we have made s short song out of them. They are easy to remember and apply. I love the soft colors on…

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Mother’s Day Poem

Mother's Day Poem - Poem For Kids - Er Poem

Mother’s day, what a special day. On this day we celebrate mother, guardians, and our grandmothers. This day is special to us as adults, teachers but it’s even more important to our students. So it is important for us as teachers to help them celebrate their mothers in the best way possible. The best thing…

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Reading Elementary School

Reading Elementary School - Kindergarten Reading and 1st Grade Reading

It makes me so happy to see my students progress from the different levels of reading. What makes me even happier is the love they develop for reading and how intrigued they are about the stories. They all look forward to library day more than I do, and the choice to pick a book of…

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Roll The Dice Exercise Fitness Game

Roll The Dice Exercise Fitness Game - Physical Education - Kindergarten Games - Brain Break

How to incorporate exercise in the classroom There has been a lot of research on children’s attention span over the years. As debatable as the numbers have been, we can all agree that children cannot pay attention for a long time. At least not as long as we would like them to. It is said…

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