Mother’s Day Poem

Mother’s day, what a special day. On this day we celebrate mother, guardians, and our grandmothers. This day is special to us as adults, teachers but it’s even more important to our students. So it is important for us as teachers to help them celebrate their mothers in the best way possible.

The best thing you can do for a mother or caretaker is to remind them that you care, recognize them by showing them that you see them. Showing them that you see all that they do and you appreciate them and the best way to do this is through showing up for them. By communicating your thoughts and feelings to them in writing, in words. The best gift especially for our students is a written gift, something their moms will see, read and remember. Something they can put up on their wall or on the fridge to remind them how amazing they are and that they are appreciated. 

If you are planning a Mother’s Day lesson for your students we have the perfect gift to seal your lesson and help your students. The You Are A Star Mother’s Day Poem is perfect for students of all ages. Use this mother’s day poem to teach students about mother’s day and get them to talk about their mothers or guardians. You can also use this poem to introduce er words or er poems. Students can read the poem, practice challenging vocabulary, and then color the poem or paint over it. There are different templates to fit your class’s personal needs.

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