Alphabet And Phonics Slides


Use these alphabet PowerPoint slides to teach the alphabet, phonics, and beginning sounds. I have used them to review the alphabet with my students and also to introduce beginning sounds. The slides are amazing quality and come with colorful graphics that will keep your student engaged. These can also be used as ABC or alphabet posters for classroom display or classroom decor.


About the product:

The alphabet

Letter and picture slide

Blended word and Letter

Air letter writing slide

Whiteboard letter writing slide

Slide with hidden pictures/words with letter sounds.



★ These slides are great for introducing the alphabet and beginning sounds.

★ They are also perfect for teaching phonics and letters

★ They will also help introduce phonics blending and improve phonological awareness

★ They can also be used for introducing writing, whether it is writing the begging sounds or writing short words like CVC words CVC, VC and VCCV words.

★ You can also use these PowerPoint slides to increase word and picture awareness. Students can use these to identify words and pictures