Chinese Yuan Money


Chinese New Year is here, one of the Chinese New Year traditions is the exchange of money called hongbao or red packet during this exciting festival. Get your students to color or even design their own Chinese Yuan to give to their family members this Chinese New Year. My students colored in their fake money and then used red paper to make their own hongbao and then put the note inside. They then got home and gave their parents their red envelopes.

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About the product:

Editable Chinese Yuan

The Chinese Yuan notes are in color and black and white

Can be used for an arts and crafts activity

They are also easily printable



★ The notes come in an easy to edit PPT doc

★ It is also ready to print

★ The fake money comes in color and black and white

★ They will have fun coloring and learning new Christmas Vocabulary

★ They will have fun coloring and designing their own Christmas sweater and Christmas tree