Editable Name Tags


These editable Boho rainbow-themed name tags are perfect for all types of use. You use them as name sign tags for the first week for students to get to know each other’s names. You can also use them when having a Boho Themed Classroom decor and put a bit of color and style to your classroom.



Use name sign tag poster students’ desks and even as a name writing activity for the little ones. They are colorful, easy to edit and come in different designs and colors. These label tags also have a transparent background so you can use them for absolutely anything.


These boho themed rainbow name tags are versatile to use at school to make great Name tags for the first day of school, field trips, and parent visitations. Use them as labels for organizing or classroom decor.


The product consists of:

– 10 different boho themed name tags

– They come in 10 different colors and designs

– Transparent background and can be used for other kinds of things

– Easy to edit



Please avoid long time of strong sunlight, as it may cause painting split, color fading and discoloration.