Reading Elementary School

It makes me so happy to see my students progress from the different levels of reading. What makes me even happier is the love they develop for reading and how intrigued they are about the stories. They all look forward to library day more than I do, and the choice to pick a book of their choice and read alone or with a friend is icing on a cake for them. 

I teach 1st grade, and this year is a very defining moment for students. This is the time where students learn whether they are good or not-so-good readers. And while this tends to change, the not-so-good readers are really affected by knowing that their level is not as high as their friends. So I tend to do pull-outs every chance I get to help my low-level students keep up with their peers and not feel left behind. I really enjoy this one-on-one time as it gives me an opportunity to really get a sense of where my students are in reading. And also it gives me the chance to meet their personal reading needs. 

To make reading time organized and less time-consuming, I plan reading day beforehand using my Guided Reading Planner and Readers Workshop Planner. This planner is a lifesaver not just for reading but for writing too. 

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