Roll The Dice Exercise Fitness Game

Roll The Dice Exercise Fitness Game - Physical Education - Kindergarten Games - Brain Break

How to incorporate exercise in the classroom

There has been a lot of research on children’s attention span over the years. As debatable as the numbers have been, we can all agree that children cannot pay attention for a long time. At least not as long as we would like them to. It is said that five-year-olds’ minimum attention span varies from 14 to 15 minutes and eight-year-olds 16 to 24 minutes. 

The importance of brain breaks in the classroom

Looking at your students’ attention span, we can probably agree that brain breaks are important and need to happen more often throughout the day. To make sure that students benefit from brain breaks and that they don’t completely take them out of their learning. Teachers need to ensure that brain breaks are educational but fun and playful. 

How do your students take breaks? 

Please be sure to answer the question in the email box below.In my classroom we play games, at least that’s what my students think. I trick them into thinking we are just having fun, but in actuality, we are learning through fun. I have seen my students respond positively to this. Not only are they having fun but they are learning too.

Fitness and exercise in the Classroom

The best way for students to take breaks is through fitness and any other kind of movement. This can vary from dance, stretching, and other fitness exercises. It can be difficult to think of fun and quick – no-prep activities to do with students during transitions, brain breaks, or even quick Physical Education (PE) lessons. We have done the work for you so that you do not have to. We have created one of many to come, the fitness game that your students will love. 

Roll The Dice Fitness Dice Game

One of the classic games for children is any dice game you can think of. So we have created a fun and colorful dice game to get your students moving and having fun. These fitness brain break games are perfect for students of all ages, kindergarten, elementary school, and middle school. We use them with our students and they love them. They come in black and white and colors, depending on preference and on your printer. 

Roll The Dice Exercise Fitness Game - Physical Education - Kindergarten Games - Brain Break

How to use the product

Use this product for kindergarten vocabulary practice lessons, to get students moving or as a brain break. Students are to roll their dice and depending on the result they are to do the exercise matching the dice. number Upon request, I can add other exercises not put on the worksheets.

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